Since 2016, the destiny of Delisle has been in the hands of Jean, representing the fifth generation of the family, which he joined in 2009. The overriding challenge that Jean shares with his predecessors is to bring Delisle into dialogue with his time. His training was built up through his studies in business and art history as well as through his many travels. Five years of life in New York, trips to India and Latin America have forged his vision of the world and his creative force. Today Jean Delisle is responsible for the artistic direction of the House. He draws from the archives and takes a fresh and modern look at their riches. He is the one who unites the professions of the House around strong values, which he relays. Working with his father Jean-Michel Delisle facilitates this transmission and allows him to perpetuate a family history. Thanks to his commercial dynamism and creativity, Jean Delisle has built a reactive and efficient industrial tool thanks to experienced partners and collaborators. Private projects and collections allow him to make the link between the tradition of excellence of the house and the challenges that a luxury company faces today. Jean Delisle's sense of challenge is also expressed in the extreme sports he practices to recharge his batteries. His travels are also for him the most obvious way to progress, and to nourish his inspiration on a daily basis.